Carpet Stains and Soils on Carpets & Rugs

We at Evolution Group truly believe in regular care and maintenance can extend the life of your carpet. Whether your carpet is made from wool or synthetic fibre, the basic steps of carpet care involve frequent vacuuming, acting on spills immediately, and regular professional carpet cleaning to help to avoid stains.

Our Hope Island customer phoned me last week in a panic. Her Hope Island rental home was being vacated and the current tenants had spilled coffee over the carpet. They had tried to clean it up with dishwashing detergent but the stain was still present.

We recommend not to clean any stains with dishwashing detergent or any other domestic cleaning product. Many household detergents are made from grease or fat, so when products like these are used on carpet fibre and not extracted or removed correctly, they act like a magnet by attracting more dirt and grime.

Stains and Soils on Carpets & Rugs.

To prevent a spill from soaking and becoming a stain is to remove immediately.
• Scoop up any solid matter from the spill,
• Blot up, never rub or brush, as much of the spill with a white towel or even paper towels, always working from edge to centre
• Treat the area with a stain remover product or,
• Use a homemade cleaning solution. (a drop of clear dish soap and a cup of lukewarm water).

Certain types of carpet fibres are more prone to staining than others. Nylon, for example, is a highly absorbent fibre, and so must be protected with a stain treatment. Whereas polyester being less absorbent, allows more opportunity for a spill to be cleaned up before a stain can set in.

So what is soiling your carpet?
Soiling is the result of a residue or oily substance on the carpet fibres, which then attract dirt particles. A residue can be left behind by a spot treatment product or a sticky spill that wasn’t fully removed or rinsed. Also by not wearing socks or slippers, the oils from our skin can transfer to the carpet fibres and start an accumulation of dirt particles.

Modern day carpets are designed to hide soil, through the design of the fibre or the colour. This hidden soil damages carpet fibres. We recommend to remove it effectively is by having the carpet professionally cleaned regularly. Just like your clothing, your car, and your home, your carpets needs regular cleaning to help it look and perform its best. Regular care will not only keep your carpet looking fresh, healthy and new, but can actually add years to its life.

Please note; there are many other stains which should be left to a professional carpet cleaner these include: Paint, nail polish, oil, tar, varnish, adhesive, rust, old stains, ink, medicines and dyes.

For free advice on the removal of stains please don’t hesitate to ring Mark on 0431 836 551. Quite often we have been able to help customers over the phone with what to do till we can get there.