Tips on removing 4 common make-up stains from carpets

You’re in a hurry, and accidentally you knock over your make-up bag! Make-up goes everywhere; foundation, eye shadow, lip stick all onto your beautiful carpets. Yikes panic sets in, there is nothing worse than make-up stains…especially on carpet!

This is what happened to one of my customers in the Gold Coast this week. She had makeup on her light coloured bedroom carpet, she quickly phoned me and I was able to talk her through a quick home remedy until I could get there and professionally remove the make-up stains.

Top four valuable tips to help you with those annoying makeup accidents before you call the professionals

Firstly, act as soon as possible. If you see any excess make-up on the surface of the carpet, carefully scrape up as much of the make-up as possible with a cloth or even a kitchen spoon or knife, gently caressing the product up off the carpet.

  • Eye-liner or mascara use one cup of warm water with approximately ¼ teaspoon of washing up liquid.
  • Nail polish use a no fragrance and non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton wool ball or bud.
  • Liquid Foundation use the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (remember though, if you are in doubt about whether it could bleach the stain in certain materials, always try a sample spot that isn’t readily visible, like a wardrobe carpet).
  • Lipstick try rubbing a small amount of alcohol or white laundry detergent mixed with water on the stain.

I am almost certain you will find all these items to use in your home.

Add a small amount of the chosen solution, relevant to the stain, to a clean white cloth or paper towel. You’ll want to make sure the cloth is damp but don’t soak it. Firmly blot the stain to lift as much of the makeup residue out of the carpet as possible.

Please DO NOT rub and NEVER use a circular motion when attempting to remove stains as it can destroy the texture of the carpet. Just gently, in a small area at a time, BLOT the stain with the damp cloth, hopefully, you will see results straight away.

Carpet stains still visible?

If there is still some stain on the carpet and blotting is not removing it, then moisten the tufts in the stained area using the 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let it stand for about an hour then blot and repeat until carpet is stain free. Don’t forget, light will cause peroxide to change back to water so no rinsing is necessary. You could apply a pad of paper towels and weigh it down with something heavy to remove excess moisture.

My tips above can be helpful in any makeup stain emergency. However please remember: carpets and rugs with natural fibres or dyes may require special treatment. Always read and follow the care instructions and any warnings provided by the carpet manufacturer.

If in doubt please contact Mark at Evolution Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control for advice/service.