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Why Is Pest Control and Pest Inspections Important?

At Evolution Group Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control we are committed to clearing your home or workplace of those unwanted pests.
Our professional technicians are fully licensed by Queensland Health, so you can be rest assured you are going to receive the highest quality pest management when you engage Evolution Group Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. We cover all general pest management services and we have a solution for: Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, Rats, Mice and more…

It is so important and we do encourage ANNUAL pest control this enables you and your loved ones to breathe and dwell in a healthy environment. We treat every home and workplace as if it was our own. We fully understand we all run busy lifestyles and this is why we offer flexibility on appointments to suit your day. On entering your home or workplace our technician will inspect for potential entry points and harbourage zones which may in turn encourage a pest infestation.


Cocoroaches are an insects of the order Blattodea.
They can enter a home or business in many different entry points, through cracks, vents and drain pipes and even in boxes brought inside. Cockroaches love water, warmth, humidity and food for which they can remain active all year around. Signs to look out for are that they leave a dust of black droppings and brown irregular smear marks as they crawl to rest. Everyday upkeep of a clean and tidy house or workplace, with all dirty dishes and food scraps washed and cleaned away in conjunction with an annual pest management program will help prevent unwanted visitors. Did you know cockroaches are nocturnal so if your seeing them in the day this could well mean they are being forced out of their harbourage. They can hide and live in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, basements, drains and on the exterior of the property. Such areas of cupboards under sinks where plumbing comes into the property, under washing machines, tumble driers and drains. Cockroaches will hide in and eat cardboard and newspapers and happily eat soap residue. Residual sprays are used with bait gels and dusting for hard to reach areas.


Ants belong to family Formicidae within order Hymenoptera.
Did you know approximately 3000 species of ants are known in Australia. Ants are social insects that live in permanent nests, colony sizes can vary and mostly located in soil, wood and among rocks. Their digestive system is for liquids, which in turns means dry food is brought back to the nest for ‘treatment’ with saliva and moisture. They commonly seen around foundations and in walls, roof voids, kitchens and rockeries. Pest management treatment by Evolution Group Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control will be carried out with residual surface sprays, dusts and baiting gels.

Rats and Rodents

Rats and mice are a serious pests to humans. The rodents of great concern are the Norway Rat ( Rattus Notvegicus), the Roof Rat (Rattus rattus) and the house Mouse (Mus musculus). These animals have adapted well to living in close proximity to humans.
Rats and mice have the ability to transmit diseases to humans by a variety of ways. Rodents tend to enter and nest in buildings in autumn and early winter, providing the access to water, food and shelter. Rats and mice are social animals and live in groups, they are very adaptable, omnivorous scavengers. They are very agile animals and mostly nocturnal. Rats are creatures of habit, they will tend to use the same routes to travel to and from food sources and they contaminat food with droppings, there can be approximately 50 droppings a day from one Rodent!
Evolution Group Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control will strategically place and bait all rodent boxes for maximum effect.


Fleas belong to the order Siphonaptera.
There are around 2380 species known worldwide and 90 species in Australia. Adult fleas are bloodsuckers with the majority sucking and feeding on dogs and cats. They are 1.5-4mm long usually brownish in colour with piercing and sucking mouthparts and undergo a metamorphosis. Laying around 4-7 eggs after each blood feed, she may well lay many hundreds of eggs in her the lifetime. The larvae feed on organic matter on the form of human skin scales and crumbs, which may build up in carpets and pet bedding and furniture. Flea pupae can remain as pupae for long periods and will only emerge when disturbed by vibrations.
Effective flea control relies on well directed application of insecticides and growth regulators, Evolution Group Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control will use residual surface spray and dusting at all properties.

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Thank you so much for coming and sorting out our ant problem, i couldn’t believe how fast they accumulated and we really tried everything we could think of to get rid of them…since you came out we haven’t seen a single ant in the kitchen.

Kathy Maviston - Hope Island 'Pest Control'
Kathy Maviston - Hope Island 'Pest Control'

Mark from Evolution Group Pest Control came and did our annual pest control treatment, we never have any issues with pests getting into our home and I think having the house sprayed every year is the reason. We here neighbours complaining and we never ever have a problem. 

Luke Stoneson - Helensvale 'Pest Control Treatment'
Luke Stoneson - Helensvale 'Pest Control Treatment'